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All riders must be current members of CTSSA in order to compete in shows and earn points. Membership forms and payment must be renewed annually and may be submitted through the online form below, or at any CTSSA show.


2024 Rule Changes

  • To be eligible for end-of-year awards, the horse or rider must participate in at least three shows during the season. In the event that CTSSA only holds four or less shows during the season, the minimum participation requirement is reduced to two shows.

  • In the event of a tied amount of points when determining the end-of-year award placements, the tie will be broken according to the following hierarchy:

             1. Highest number of shows participated in.

             2. Highest amount of points for over-fences only.

             3. If the horse or rider participated in the year-end show.

             4. If all of the above are identical and a tie still exists, the placings in                     question will be determined by a coin toss/random generator.


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